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Nick Verwoolde

My name is Nick Verwoolde and I'd like to tell you about the work I've done since I left the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology in 2004.

For 2 years I worked at the municipality of Almere giving design support to the department of urban planning and landscape architecture that was developing a new district called Almere Poort. After that I transferred to Scala Architecten in The Hague, where I worked for 6 years on a large variety of projects. There I gained a lot of experience in all stages of the design and building process working on the realisation of dwellings, apartment complexes and schools.

In 2011 I founded my own company in The Hague: Studio Verwoolde. As a sole proprietor I worked on several refurbishments for private clients and did a number of experimental case studies. I did some consulting as a sales advisor for Spanish real estate and for a while I co-owned a webshop in nutritional supplements.

Due to the decline of the building practice as a whole I had to diversify and became involved again in the production of live events, as I had been during my studies in Delft. I started working at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, the largest concert hall of the Netherlands with a capacity of 17000 visitors. There I managed day to day hospitality operations for roughly a 100 concerts a year. In the summers I moved my activities outside working at a many music festivals, building stages, decor and tents, installing illumination and audio, working bars and handling logistics of hospitality.

In 2017 I moved to Valencia, Spain and founded I teamed up with Javi de Toro Santoyo in Recoveco for my architectural projects.

Recoveco is partnering with HKCB, working on refurbishments in the Costa Blanca region.

Furthermore I am currently looking for opportunies to get involved into the Spanish music festival scene.

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